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course outline

The first thing you'll want to do is check out the official course outline for this section of COMP 1850 where you'll learn more about evaluation crriteria, assignments and the overall schedule. Note that much of the same information is provided on this site.

about the instructor

Benjamin Yu

Benjamin began his career at BCIT in 1994 as a part time instructor in the Computer Systems Technology (CST) department of the School of Computing and Academic Studies. At that time, he was also an assistant professor at Trinity Western University. Prior to that, he has worked at Bell Northern Research in Ottawa, IBM in Toronto, and taught at the University of Toronto. He was so impressed with the computing programs and students at BCIT that he joined BCIT full time in 1995. He became the option head of the Database option of the CST diploma program, and moved on to become the program head of the Bachelor of Technology program in 1996. Benjamin was also acting associate dean of the CST department from 2004 to 2006. Throughout his career at BCIT, he was involved in a number of program development initiatives, research projects, and international partnership programs with Korea, China, and Vietnam.

learning outcomes

In case you decided to skip the course outline note above, here is an excerpt from same:

This course introduces the fundamental principles and techniques for designing and developing effective web sites.

Upon successful completion, the student will be able to:

  • Outline and plan basic Web pages and sites.
  • Mark up pages by hand using HTML.
  • Understand the differences between versions of HTML and CSS.
  • Plan site and page elements using information design techniques.
  • Create basic interface elements using Photoshop or similar software.
  • Style text and page elements using CSS.
  • Use CSS for simple page layout.
  • Understand introductory concepts for client-side scripting with JavaScript.
  • Implement Server Side Includes (SSI) and use PHP scripts for basic form processing.
  • Manage Web pages and sites with FTP.
  • Move on to a series of courses in advanced web development.

place & time

Monday section of Comp 1850 is held at BCIT's Burnaby campus.

Visit our interactive map for classroom location.

Monday night class:
6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.


The textbook for COMP 1850 is Web Development & Design Foundations with HTML5 (8th edition) by Terry Felke-Morris.

The book has a supporting website. Be sure to sign up for access.

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You can also purchase an electronic version of the book.

course policies

Assignments: Late assignments will not be accepted for marking. Assignments must be done on an individual basis.

Attendance: Attendance in lectures and labs is mandatory and recorded. In case of illness or other unavoidable cause of absence, the PTS student must communicate as soon as possible with his/her Instructor indicating the reason for the absence. Prolonged illness which causes the student to miss 20% of the lessons must have a BCIT medical certificate sent to the department. Excessive absence of 20% or more may result in failure or immediate withdrawal from the course or program.

Course Outline Changes: The material specified in the course outline may be changed by the instructor. If changes are required, they will be announced in class.

Ethics: BCIT assumes that all students attending the Institute will follow a high standard of ethics. Incidents of cheating or plagiarism may, therefore, result in a grade of zero for the assignment, quiz, test, exam or project for all parties involved and/or expulsion from the course.

Illness: A doctor's note is required for any illness causing you to miss assignments quizzes, tests, projects or exams. At the discretion of the instructor, you may complete the work missed or have the work prorated (i.e., an average is given according to your performance throughout the course).

Makeup Tests, Exams or Quizzes: There will be no makeup tests, exams or quizzes. If you miss a test exam or quiz, you will receive zero marks. Exceptions may be made for documented medical reasons or extenuating circumstances.


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Also, be sure to read up on the following relevant policies:

By attending this course, every student acknowledges that they have been made aware of these policies and the actions that will be taken if students fail to comply.

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